Elite Day Training (Blyth-Deerview Hockey Academy)

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Why attend Blyth Academy Advanced Day Training?

Here is a Breakdown of our Week:


Pucks Skills such as dekes, puck protection, toe drags, and fakes are the key to good puck possession and buying time and space! Players will be working on their puck skills in tight spaces and in open ice through over speed skating with the puck!



Stride, Edge work and power skating! The key to a great skater is poster, balance, and power. This combined with good edge work high intensity training and corrective measures are the keys to progressive power skating.



Position specific training! Defensemen want to work on keeping the puck out of their net and generating offence when the opportunity presents itself. Forwards on the other hand are trying to put the puck in the net while helping out in their own end, to be a complete 200 foot player. This session is designed for players to train in their specific position. 



Puck skills! Stick handling is an art that requires thousands of reps done daily in order to master its craft. In this session players will receive thousand of puck touched per week and are guaranteed to deliver extraordinary game play results. 



Compete day! Stick handling, puck protection, checking, and GRIT are all  needed to battle on and off the puck. In this session we will work on tactics and strategies to give our players all the tools they need to be an elite competitor.