International Students & Players (Blyth-Deerview Hockey Academy)

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Blyth-Deerview Academy welcomes students from all over the world. Our small classes and personal attention to every student are ideal for students making the transition to Canada.

We recognize that international students face unique challenges when studying abroad including getting accustomed to a new school, a new home, and a new community. However, with the ongoing individual support of our faculty and our unique program, these challenges quickly fade and are replaced by exciting opportunities to learn about other cultures and expand your horizons.

Blyth Academy’s primary focus is academic achievement, to prepare all international students for university and beyond. Our dynamic teaching methods and strategies have proven outcomes:

98% of Blyth Academy students are accepted into post-secondary programs

90% of our students are accepted to their top choice college or university

85% receive partial or full scholarships to post-secondary institutions

International students will discover that Blyth Academy offers many unique benefits that will help them take full advantage of this opportunity, including:

Small classes, individual attention. Our international students account for 15 per cent of our campus enrolment, and include students from over 40 different countries. Our international students are fully immersed with Canadian students and have a wonderful opportunity to improve their language skills and make new Canadian friends.

Small Class Sizes. Our high school classes are truly small; a typical class-size ranges between eight and 16 students, allowing for more meaningful learning to take place, as well as notable growth in student engagement, aptitude, and overall performance.  

Customized Classes. Blyth Academy tailors the program to the individual student. Taking into account each student’s learning style and extra-curricular responsibilities, we are able to customize academic plans that help students reach their fullest potential. Fifty per cent of our international students return to Blyth Academy for a second year of study.

Four-term, Two Course Structure.  We take an unconventional approach to the academic school year by adopting a block schedule. Students in Grades 9 to 12 follow a four-term schedule, with two subjects per term. This dynamic restructuring of the traditional school year enables students to devote their complete attention to two subjects at a time, rather than the traditional four per semester. This encourages deeper engagement with course material and allows for further exploration of interests, which better prepares students for acceptance into the postsecondary program of their choice.

Community Involvement. Our campuses are located in a variety of community locations including suburban, small town, and urban downtown locations. This allows students to immerse themselves and truly experience life in the area they reside in, rather than being located in a remote campus and spending all their time in transit. This also gives students the chance to change campuses should they wish to experience different locations.